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One of the biggest winners in the cryptocurrency space in 2021 was and probably still is Shiba Inu (SHIB). The coin is gaining massive interest on social media and Google, which could be a positive event and the increased availability of the cryptocurrency.

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After 2018 Robinhood tried its hand at…

All you need to know about the hype around the NFT marketplace from Coinbase.

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OpenSea needs to pay attention.

Coinbase is the latest exchange to enter NFTs. The crypto exchange has just announced a waiting list for an upcoming NFT marketplace. The platform, called "Coinbase NFT," will allow users to:

  • mint
  • buy
  • and display NFT collections.

The move was previewed earlier this year — at the time as the…

Internationally it can outperform DOGE in the long term.

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Dogecoin is no longer the only meme currency. The Shiba Inu Coin has also received a lot of attention recently. In this article, you will learn why and what else is behind the coin. …

You won’t believe it, but crypto trading can also become a dangerous addiction.

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Is Crypto gambling?

Investments are long-term, while gambling is short-term

The truth is, cryptocurrency could be either an investment or a gamble, depending on your strategy. If you’re buying crypto for the sole purpose of trying to get rich overnight, then it falls into gambling territory.

Cryptocurrency addiction is the compulsive trading in…

Wallfair plans to enter the highly regulated online betting business.

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Everyone knows standard sports betting and other betting of any kind. But, ever thought about crypto betting for events on the web? Startup Wallfair has now received its first seed funding for a trading platform.

They are placing bets — and doing so based on blockchain and cryptocurrencies. For example…

A project that will deliver on the promises what Ethereum failed to deliver.

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Decentralized finance (Defi) was one of the biggest blockchain trends last year. Accordingly, projects that are suitable for Defi have received particular interest. One of these projects is Polkadot.

But first of all, let me briefly explain what Polkadot is all about, and also the origins of this promising project.

DOT is very complex, but if you understand these 4 main consensus points, you’re already a big step ahead.

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How does Polkadot work?

Polkadot is easily one of the most complicated cryptocurrencies out there. Usually, I would say that I have a way to explain it to you in layman’s terms, but there is no way to explain Polkadot without eventually getting into a rift with the terminology. Some components of the Polkadot…

Nuclear power for bitcoin mining

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Bitcoin is repeatedly criticized for its high power consumption. For example, mining and transactions via Bitcoin require as much energy annually as the Netherlands. …

Flight tickets are worth around $130.000.

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Yes, you read right! 3 Bitcoins worth around $130.000 today's price (September 2021) I paid for, not First or Business class tickets. It was only Economy class without Snacks. I want to explain how it came to this and what you can do against spending as much as I did…

Lunch/Dinner dish nr. two: spicy chicken curry

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Today I present you my second healthy fitness dish (for lunch or dinner). I call this healthy dish “spicy chicken curry,” which you can easily prepare and enjoy at home, on the go, or at work. So have fun while eating and stay fit & healthy.

The following ingredients are…

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